Situated in the mezzanine of the house Fraccaroli, used 1790 as wine cellar, opened to the place Piazza di Castelrotto, CASTRUM WINE BAR & BISTRO is a premise, completely new arranged and expanded in 2020, that owes a wide and chic terrace, but also 5 original halls, with stone walls, characteristic for the region and epoch, because this property was built at the end of the century.The 3 retreated halls, completely built of stone, as well as the arch hall might be perfect locations for anniversaries or private events and in the generous hall are organized periodically thematic nights and concerts. The relaxing atmosphere of Piazza di Castelrotto, the breath of the hilly wind and the Eno gastronomic proposals of the CASTRUM WINE BAR & BISTRO make this location as a perfect choice for the inhabitants in the summer, but also for the tourist who chose Valpolicella as vacation destination.

All alternatives chosen as menu by CASTRUM WINE BAR& BISTRO were attentively studied and we wish that our proposals of wine/ beer/ spirits/ drinks/food fulfill the strongest expectations. You might analyze the complete digital menu card proposed by CASTRUM WINE BAR& BISTRO by introducing( QRCODE).

Monday 17:00 – 01.00

Tuesday 17:00 – 01.00

Wednesday 17:00 – 01.00

Thursday 17:00 – 01.00

Friday 17:00 – 02.00

Saturday 17:00 – 02.00

Sunday 09:00 – 01.00


‘The location BAR CASTRUM opens the doors for the first time at the end of year 1998, becoming in short time a reference point for the inhabitants. The new opening of the premises to the beginning of year 2021, brings an absolute novelty in Valpolicella: a modern, dynamic and professional concept, driven by . Bartenders is a company situated some kilometers distance from Verona, that is since 15 years leader in the field of organizing private events, an appropriate nursery of professionals, because of the famous Bartenders Academy.


BARTENDERS –magician of the cocktails–found an intriguing series of SIGNATURE-cocktails, in the spirit and to the honor of the location and of the protagonist CASTRUM. In partnership withBartenders we want to introduce inValpolicella a metropolitan approach, a premise where might be ordered anytime a snack and where might be spent memorable nights, by the connection of the medieval surrounding with quality music and the present comfort.