food toastone

With cooked ham and Fontina cheese 

PRICE: € 6,00

with chicken, bacon, scrumbled eggs, salad, tomato,  fontina cheese and baked potatoes 

PRICE: € 12,00

food sandwich

with grilled seasonal vegetables, fontina cheese,  rocket and baked potatoes 

PRICE: € 11,00

food tapas

Mix of 3 tapas 

PRICE: € 6,00

food tapas

Mix of 10 tapas 

PRICE: € 18,00


mixed cold cuts with pickled vegetables 

PRICE: € 12,00

food formaggi

mix of Lessinia cheeses and regional aged cheese 

PRICE: € 13,00

mixed cold cuts and cheeses 

PRICE: € 14,00

for 2/3 persons 

PRICE: € 26,00

Special platters

Cheese aged with cherry, aged with Amarone, Stravecchio Monte Veronese 60 months – served with mustard and Amarone jelly 

PRICE: € 14,00

food salumi

Loin and raw ham served with giardiniera 

PRICE: € 12,00

Cheese and ham aged in Amarone  – served with gardener and mustard 

PRICE: € 10,00

2 glasses of Amarone Castrum ACHILLE paired with cheese and ham aged in Amarone – served with giardiniera and mustard 

PRICE: € 17,00


food pinsa

Focaccia with Lessinia cheeses and local cold cuts 

PRICE: € 10,00

food pinsa vegetariana

Focaccia with tomato, cheese, basil and seasonal vegetables 

PRICE: € 9,00


Thinly sliced salted beef with rocket, flaked reserve cheese, extra virgin olive oil 

PRICE: € 13,00

food carne

ribs with baked potatoes and bbq sauce 

PRICE: € 15,00

food pollo

Venus rice, chicken, crispy vegetables and pink sauce 

PRICE: € 12,00

sliced chicken, salad, cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil 

PRICE: € 13,00

food verdure

PRICE: € 7,00

food patatine

PRICE: € 5,00


food hamburger

beef, bacon, caramelized onion, cheddar, salad and tomato 

served with baked potatoes and bbq sauce 

PRICE: € 14,00

food hamburger

Burger with potatoes, zucchini, carrots, fontina cheese, salad and tomato with baked potatoes and sweet chilly sauce 

PRICE: € 13,00


Foccacia with cheese and ham

PRICE: € 6,00