Soft Drinks

Castrum’s bartenders dedicate this very interesting non-alcoholic cocktail which is fresh, fragrant and which makes you dream, to the immaculate CLIZIA, to the great sculptor Innocenzo Fraccaroli and to this spectacular location.

Typology: Refreshing, spicy
Ingredients: Pineapple, lime, apple cider vinegar, ginger, tonic, blur bitter
Description: CLIZIA – a sea nymph, the daughter of Oceanus and Thetis, in love with the Sun God. A muse for various artists, poets and writers, she was also a source of inspiration for the sculptor Innocenzo Fraccaroli, born in 1805 in Casa Fraccaroli – the location of Castrum Wine Bar & Bistro – who, in 1838, completed a sculpture of CLIZIA who is gazing upon her beloved Sun. A work of art of a truly unique beauty and expressiveness. The goddess, blinded by the Sun’s glare, was rendered in a melancholic and dreamy posture.


€ 7.00

Ingredienti: Passion fruit, nettare d’agave, zenzero, pompelmo rosa 

€ 6.00

Ingredients: Fresh fruit of the day, soda, tonic water

€ 5.00

Ingredients: Sparkling water, lime juice, grenadine syrup

€ 4.00