The structure

The structure


Our touristic structure, situated in a strategical location in this wonderful territory, that dominates the entire wine-growing area Valpolicella, offers to its guests:

Wine Bar & Bistro – a dynamic local, with urban spirit, where one can taste wines from the area and interesting cocktails „signature”. Included in the complex Castrum Relais, but with direct access from Piazza di Castelrotto di Valpolicella.

Wine cellar Giampiero Borghetti – the most important villas in the area Valpolicella had always their own wine production, whereas they became a tradition, that always honored this area. In the 1980´s Paolo Borghetti expands the wine cellar of the Villa Fraccaroli and founds his first trade marks for the agricultural company Borghetti. Giampiero Borghetti, direct successor of Fraccaroli family, takes over this oenologic activity in the wine cellar of his family. Presently the wine cellar GIAMPIERO BORGHETTI offers to guests of this structure, for the consumption inside the complex Castrum, as well as at home, the wine collection BORGHETTI, as well as the wine collection CASTRUM dedicated to the sculptor Innocenzo Fraccaroli and his remarkable works of art.

Room Agri Chic Valpolicella & Suites Fraccaroli – Our structure owes 6 extensive suites, thematically decorated, situated at 1. and 2. floor of villa Fraccaroli, to which there are added other 7 rooms Agri Chis, decorated in the topic of the wine production area where we´re located, having a panoramic view over the entire Valpolicella area.

Restaurant & Events – (in progress)